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Birthday Parties FAQ

Yes, although the services and facilities available vary. Some theatres have a restaurant and game room and can put a package together with food, games, and movies. Some have separate party rooms available, and some offer private auditorium rentals. Contact your local Cinemark Theatre Manager for details and packages.

Theatres featuring private party rooms are listed on the Birthday Parties page. If you have further questions not answered on this site, you can contact the theatre manager directly for more information.

Absolutely not, the more the merrier! Please keep in mind that while our auditoriums can accommodate most any size of party, the restaurant and party room areas are a bit more limited. Consult with the individual theatre for Private Birthday Party Auditorium Rentals. A minimum of 20 guests is needed to book a Private Auditorium Rental.

A movie theatre is a busy place. Your presents would be better stored in the trunk of your car during the movie. Some theatres do have lockable party rooms, though. In that case, storage of your presents could be arranged. Check with the local Theatre Manager for more information.

Outside food and drink is normally not allowed in any Cinemark theatre. However, we do make an exception to that rule for birthday parties. Bakery or store-bought cake, cupcakes and cookies are allowed only if pre-approved by the local Theatre Manager. Decorations such as party tablecloth, plates, napkins and utensils are allowed. Helium-filled balloons are only allowed in the private party rooms, not in the theatre auditoriums.

Our auditoriums are large and typically we will have no problem getting your group all seated together. Should the Theatre Manager see that the movie is selling out or is extraordinarily busy, special arrangements may potentially be made. Check with the theatre manager for more information. We fully realize that it is important for the party group to enjoy the movie together.

Please allow a minimum of 7 business days to make party arrangements and confirm details with the theatre. Saturdays are the most popular days, so plan well in advance.

Prices vary by theatre based on admission ticket and concessions prices though all private birthday party auditorium rentals require a minimum of 20 guests charged at a package price plus a $200 private auditorium rental fee. If the theatre you are interested in has its own party room or a restaurant on-site, consult with the theatre to obtain party packages and pricing available.

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