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Welcome to Camp Cinemark!

Camp Rules:

  1. Adults must accompany their little campers! And yes, that’s right, all Adults must have a little camper with them to enter Camp Cinemark before 9:00pm daily!

  2. Take care of yourself, all little campers with you, and your Camp gear, because Cinemark is not responsible for any incidents, injuries, damages, or lost items due to camper’s negligence or non-compliance.

  3. No running, horseplay, wandering around, jumping, standing on seats, or other monkey business while the movie is playing at Camp Cinemark! All campers need to stay on the straight and narrow!

  4. Enjoy your time at Camp by placing your cell phones on silent or into CineMode when the movie begins! By purchasing a ticket to this auditorium, all campers have accepted and agree to follow all the Camp Cinemark rules.

Have fun & be safe at Camp Cinemark!

Please email for birthday party, special event or other rental details.