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New Mother's Day Movies

New Movies to Watch in Theatres on Mother's Day

New Movies to Watch in Theatres on Mother's Day


If you've got a movie-loving mom, or are one yourself, Cinemark has the perfect treat for Mother's Day, which comes around on May 10 this year. We're not saying don't get mom flowers for Mother's Day — call the florist now, before you forget! — but that movies are an amazing gift in addition to the classic bouquet.

Here are the new movies in theatres for Mother's Day in 2020.


Mother's Day Movies 2020: Greyhound

[Image Credit: Sony Pictures]

Tom Hanks scripts and stars in this adaptation of the novel "The Good Shepherd," by C.S. Forester. In the early days of WWII, an international convoy of 37 Allied ships, led by captain Ernest Krause (Hanks) in his first command of a U.S. destroyer, crosses the treacherous North Atlantic while hotly pursued by wolf packs of Nazi U-boats.

The High Note

Mother's Day Movies 2020: The High Note

[Image Credit: Focus Features]

Set in the dazzling world of the LA music scene comes the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), a superstar whose talent, and ego, have reached unbelievable heights. Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is Grace’s overworked personal assistant who’s stuck running errands, but still aspires to her childhood dream of becoming a music producer. When Grace’s manager (Ice Cube) presents her with a choice that could alter the course of her career, Maggie and Grace come up with a plan that could change their lives forever.


Mother's Day Movies 2020: Run

[Image Credit: Lionsgate]

They say you can never escape a mother's love... but for Chloe, that's not a comfort - it's a threat. There's something unnatural, even sinister about the relationship between Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen) and her mom, Diane (Sarah Paulson). Diane has raised her daughter in total isolation, controlling every move she's made since birth, and there are secrets that Chloe's only beginning to grasp. From the writers, producers and director of the breakout film SEARCHING, comes a suspense thriller that shows that when mom gets a little too close, you need to run.

Run Sweetheart Run

Mother's Day Movies 2020: Run Sweetheart Run

[Image Credit: Lionsgate]

Single mother Cherie (Ella Balinska, CHARLIE'S ANGELS) is thrilled when her boss sets her up on a blind date with Ethan (Pilou Asbæk, "Game of Thrones"), who initially proves every bit as charming and magnetic as his photo. Ethan can't hide his true nature for very long though. When things quickly turn sinister, Cherie must find a way to escape. Forced to navigate the streets of LA after hours on foot, Cherie learns Ethan is far more connected and violent than she ever imagined.

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