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Greenland: Everything You Need to Know

9/10/2020 • 4 min read

There is nothing quite like a big action movie, seen on the largest screen possible, to take your cares away – even if that movie is about a potential global cataclysm. Such is the case with GREENLAND, which is set in motion by a comet (nicknamed Clarke) which is falling towards Earth.

Can a small band of people avert catastrophe? They'll have to race to a secret outpost in – you guessed it! – Greenland in order to succeed. In these uncertain times, there’s almost something comforting about the certain outcome of a giant comet crashing into the planet. That said, what else should you know about GREENLAND? Read on to find out!

Watch the Intense Greenland Trailer


As you can see, this movie looks intense and even scary. While the characters played by Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin initially think — along with everyone else — that the comet Clarke will miss Earth entirely, they soon face the horrific truth. Fragments of the comet are headed towards our planet, and they hit with devastating force — and they keep on hitting.

Gerard Butler plays an architect who attempts to escort his wife (played by the great Monica Baccarin) and son (Roger Dale Floyd) to safety. As you can see, however, things go spectacularly wrong.

As Butler's character is separated from his family and they face obstacles in the form of more comet fragments and the deviousness of their fellow desperate humans, GREENLAND promises to be a whole lot of epic, explosion-filled, end-of-the-world fun. And the production is complemented by a wonderful supporting cast that includes Holt McCallany, Hope Davis, and the great Scott Glenn. They all work against a backdrop of truly eye-popping visual effects and stunt work. (More on that in a minute). Bring it on!


Gerard Butler, Disaster Movie King

After breaking into stardom with his role in 300, Gerard Butler has been on an action movie roll, starring in cops-and-robbers thriller DEN OF THIEVES, submarine movie HUNTER KILLER, and the fun-filled fantasy extravaganza GODS OF EGYPT. (Come to think of it, all three of these movies are pretty underrated.)

He really hit his groove starring in a series of action/disaster movies, most notably the OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN trilogy, which now includes LONDON HAS FALLEN and ANGEL HAS FALLEN. These began as a kind of DIE HARD homage but turned into something bigger and more tinged with disaster movie overtones. He also starred in GEOSTORM, a disaster movie smorgasbord from 2017. Clearly, Gerard Butler takes his position as the king of the disaster movie very seriously. Since he’s already faced down a Geostorm (which as far as we can tell is like every disaster ever, all at once), we’re pretty sure he can handle himself with a pesky, world-ending comet.


A Legendary Stunt Man Directs

GREENLAND is directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Even if you don’t know Waugh’s name, you are undoubtedly familiar with his work. He directed the most recent FALLEN entry, ANGEL HAS FALLEN, and has helmed a number of muscular action movies, including SNITCH and SHOT CALLER.

And Waugh has been working as a stunt performer since the late 1980s, helping to define the look and action of arguably the most robust and influential period of American action cinema. Waugh’s resume is ridiculously great – he contributed to THEY LIVE, ROAD HOUSE, LETHAL WEAPON 2, TANGO & CASH, TOTAL RECALL, DAYS OF THUNDER, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, just for starters.

Clearly Waugh knows his way around an action sequence, and his films as a director have shown that his passion for stunt work and action sequences never gets in the way of effective character moments and inventive storytelling. Waugh understands the way that action sequences work but, more importantly, he understands how they should be utilized in the context of the larger film framework. His movies are always dazzling and exciting, but that isn’t all that they are. When you’re watching GREENLAND and can’t believe what you’re seeing, just know that it comes from a truly legendary stunt performer who has been honing his craft for decades. It might look effortless, but it requires so much skill and talent. And it’s all on display in GREENLAND.


GREENLAND comes to theatres later this year!


All images courtesy of STX Entertainment.

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