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What'cha Gonna Do?

Bad Boys for Life: Everything You Need to Know

Bad Boys for Life: Everything You Need to Know


It’s been 17 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s cool Miami cop duo last teamed up to take down bad guys. In January 2020, however, the Bad Boys will return in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. The sequel, which has been in the works for many years, finally hits theatres on January 14. It will have new and returning stars, more explosive action, and our favorite movie bad boys.

Before Smith and Lawrence take on their next big assignment, we’ve put together this handy guide featuring everything you need to know about BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.

Behold, the Bad Boys for Life Trailer

Before anything else, check out the awesome first trailer for the BAD BOYS sequel. Smith and Lawrence return as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, respectively, and the former partners are taking on one last explosive assignment. Marcus is now a police inspector, while Mike is having a midlife crisis, but together – along with a crew of young new recruits – they’re going to take down a Romanian mob boss before they hang their guns up for good.

Bad Boys Beginnings

Bad Boys movie series origin

The first BAD BOYS movie was released all the way back in 1995, when Will Smith was at the height of his career as a summer blockbuster mega-star. (Now, he's in two big action movies coming out within months of one another.) Directed by action filmmaking icon Michael Bay, BAD BOYS starred Smith and Lawrence as lifelong friends who became police detectives and partners in Miami. While investigating a major drug case, the pair are tasked with protecting a murder witness, which requires that they switch identities.

Packed with action and humor, BAD BOYS was a big hit. Even so, it was another eight years before Smith and Lawrence reunited in the sequel. Michael Bay also returned to direct BAD BOYS II, which sent Smith and Lawrence’s detectives on an even more explosive assignment, investigating a huge drug trafficking case. They were joined by Gabrielle Union, playing Syd, Marcus’ sister, an undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). While Union went off to headline her own spinoff TV series with Jessica Alba, called “L.A.’s Finest,” it would take another 17 years for the next chapter in the BAD BOYS movie saga to arrive.

A Bad Boys Cast Worth Coming Back For

Bad Boys for Life cast

Smith and Lawrence return to the big screen in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, and they’re joined by a couple of familiar faces. Joe Pantoliano (THE MATRIX) plays foul-mouthed police Captain Conrad Howard, and Theresa Randle appears as Theresa Burnett, who is married to Marcus.

Also getting in on the action are some fresh new police recruits, and they're showcased at the end of the first trailer. There’s Charles Melton, best known for playing Reggie on “Riverdale,” and Alexander Ludgwig, from the TV series “Vikings.” Rounding out the group is Vanessa Hudgens, the former HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star, who has really come into her own with, roles in SPRING BREAKERS and GIMME SHELTER. The cast of BAD BOYS FOR LIFE also features musician DJ Khaled, as well as Kate del Castillo, star of the hit Netflix series “Ingobernable.”

Same Bad Boys, New Directors

Bad Boys For Life Directors

One name not returning for the sequel is Michael Bay, who has since moved on to direct the TRANSFORMERS movie series and 13 HOURS. Bay has been replaced by Belgian filmmaking duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who previously directed the 2015 crime film BLACK. The pair also directed episodes of the acclaimed FX series “Snowfall.” These newcomers are already putting together quite an impressive resume.

That Familiar Bad Boys Song

Bad Boys For Life Song

When the original BAD BOYS opened in 1995, one of the film's calling cards was the song "Bad Boys," by Inner Circle. At the time, the song was best known as the theme tune for the reality TV series, "Cops." Amazingly, "Cops" is still on the air, 32 seasons later — and so the show still might have the best claim to the song. But the BAD BOYS films have made a bold claim to it regardless, and the first BAD BOYS FOR LIFE trailer isn't shy about reminding us of the catchy chorus.

Be ready for a new BAD BOYS FOR LIFE trailer soon!

All images courtesy of Sony Pictures.